Monday, 20 September 2010


I've been working with Gojko Adzic on a e-Book aimed at encouraging the use of Cucumber.

I'm pleased (and relieved) to say that version 1 of the book is now released. You can read the book online or download a pdf copy at

The initial seed for the book came from a series of articles posted on Gojko's Blog which gave an easy to follow tutorial on how to setup Cucumber for use with .NET projects. Though Cucumber is very well documented, it's broad support of many programming languages means that the documentation is distributed across many sites. We thought that a single document that detailed using Cucumber from first principles would be useful and help grow the Cucumber user base.

Our concern that the book may be too dry, coupled with an obsession with Ninjas and Chuck Norris jokes, resulted in our decision to give the book a Ninja theme, hence the title "The Secret Ninja Cucumber Scrolls".

This first version covers Cucumber from the ground up, including:
  • Overview of Cucumber, including a glossary of Cucumber and BDD terminology
  • Setting up Cucumber for Ruby, Java and .NET projects
  • Implementing basic features in all three languages
  • Effective test design 
  • Managing complex features efficiently. 

We are following an iterative release schedule. In the next release, we will be covering Cucumber web automation. This subject is also the topic for a talk I'm doing with Gojko at Skillsmatter tonight. I'll publish the slides from that talk tomorrow.

To download the PDF or read the e-Book online, point your browser to For news and updates, follow cuke4ninja.

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